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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Commitment to the care of people with dementia in hospital settings

In 2011, the Royal College of Nursing (UK)  published five principles for improving dementia care in hospital settings. These covered: staff, partnership, assessment, individualised care and environments. The principles have helped take forward a key objective of the national dementia strategy, to improve hospital care for people with dementia.

This resource guide was developed to supporting the further implementation of its five principles for
improving the quality of care.

These five principles form a shared commitment to improving care. Based on evidence gathered from people with dementia, carers and practitioners, each principle is considered essential to ensure the appropriate delivery of care.  Each principle has a checklist to help identify achievements and areas for further development.

For reports and information about the RCN’s dementia project visit, including information about the evaluation of the programme:

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