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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

CARENET (Canadian Researchers at the End of Life Network)

CARENET (Canadian Researchers at the End of Life Network) is a website research hub for healthcare professionals from across Canada to collaborate on understanding and improving palliative and end of life care. It is based at Kingston General Hospital, in Kingston, Ontario and led by Dr. Daren K. Heyland.  The website includes information on current end-of-life research and new tools that have been developed or have been used with permission to improve patient communication and hospital decision-making.
Some of the resources for healthcare professionals available on the website include:
·         CANHELP Tool: The CANHELP tool was designed for researchers, health care providers, caregivers and families as an end of life survey, meant to identify opportunities for care improvement and to measure the quality of care.
·         CPR Decision Aid: The CPR Decision Aid is a guide for families and patients to better understand CPR and to determine if this is a treatment they wish to pursue.
·         ACCEPT: ACCEPT is a prospective audit of current practice related to Advanced Care Planning in patients who are high-risk for dying.
·         DECIDE: The DECIDE study is intended to identify barriers and solutions in improving communication and decision-making about goals of care from the perspective of healthcare professionals working end of life care.
·         Family Satisfaction Survey: The Family Satisfaction Survey is a 34-questionnaire that includes a comprehensive line of questioning relevant to the needs of families and loved ones who are being cared for in an intensive care unit.
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