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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crane Library Holiday Web Picks 2013

This year we've compiled a list of apps to help stay connected with friends and family this holiday season.

Google Hangout ( available for iPhone, Android and on the web) Google Hangout is a video calling app and web application very similar to FaceTime, iChat, WhatsApp and Skype.  The reason for this alternative is two-fold.  Google Hangout can connect people on a variety of different platforms (on the web, iPhone or Android) and you can also create a multi-person chat.  Whereas FaceTime can only be used between 2 people, iChat between 3 people and Skype is only available for multi-person chats with a premium account, Google Hangout can be used with up to 10 people.  A google account is required to sign up for this free application.

Couple ( available for iPhone, Android and on the web) Couple is a mobile app for iPhone or Android (there is also a web beta version) which provides a private and secure messaging system for 2 people.  Couples can have secure conversations, share videos or photos privately, create a couple calendar and work on lists simultaneously.  There is even the ability to ‘thumb’ kiss.  The app is free to download.

QuizUp ( only available for iPhone) Looking to connect in a competitive way? QuizUp is a social trivia game that can be played with friends or strangers across the world.  The game offers over 150,000 questions in over 300 categories.  Each game takes less than a minute to play (there are 7 questions per game) and take place in real time.  This app is free, but only available for iPhone.  They are currently working on an Android app.

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