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Monday, December 16, 2013

Supporting caregivers of people with dementia over the holidays

Holidays are a time for family gatherings and visits in long-term care facilities.  For families and friends who may need a little help connecting with a person with dementia, the Alzheimer's Society of Ontario and the Alzheimer's Society UK can help.

The Alzheimer's Society of Ontario has put together holiday tip sheets for download.  Each week, a new tip sheet is released.  They cover topics such as gift ideas for people with dementia and visiting someone with dementia over the holidays.  You can access and download the tips sheets at

The Alzheimer's Society UK has put together a take-home PDF for download on supporting a person with dementia during visits, holidays and celebrations.  This fact sheet helps caregivers who are bringing family members with dementia home over the holidays, and things to keep in mind during their stay.  It also provides some help in dealing with the emotional needs of people with dementia.  To download this PDF, please visit


Xavier Smith said...

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David Tal said...

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