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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

University of Manitoba Palliative Medicine Toolkit

The University of Manitoba Libraries and the J.W. Crane Memorial Library developed the Palliative Medicine Toolkit to provide easier access to a wealth of resources related to Palliative Care.  The toolkit offers quality and filtered information that will help navigate the different types of electronic and print resources available.

The toolkit is organized by tabs, which appear at the top of the page.  Each tab links to a different resource type.  The ‘clinical’ page links to practice guidelines, assessment tools, drug information and diagnostic testing related to palliative care.  The ‘mobile’ page includes a list of palliative care and geriatric apps.  The ‘books|journals|articles’ tab links to ebooks, books and journal titles that are important to palliative medicine.  There is also links to information for patients, relevant podcasts and learning resources on end-of-life care. 

For all of this and much more, please visit the toolkit here

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