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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

World Alzheimer Report: The Benefits of Early Diagnosis and Intervention

This is the third of the Alzheimer's Disease International's World's Alzheimer Report.  Alzheimer's Disease International works for an improved quality of life for people with dementia and their carers around the world, and believes that policy and practice should be based on the best available evidence.

This year’s World Alzheimer Report 2011 provides the findings of an independent research group which  collated and reviewed all of the available evidence relating to early diagnosis and early intervention.

Key questions include:
  • Is it possible to promote earlier diagnosis of dementia, and how might this be achieved?
  • What are the overall benefits or disadvantages of earlier diagnosis and intervention for
    people with dementia and their carers?
  • What treatments or interventions are effective in the early stages of dementia?
  • Is there evidence that some interventions are more effective when applied early in the
    disease course?
  • Can earlier diagnosis and intervention reduce health and social care costs?
The insights provided here will be of interest to policymakers and planners and give additional stimulus to existing national programs while encouraging other countries to give much more attention to closing the treatment gap.

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David Tal said...

I think that earlier detection of Alzheimer's Disease will be of great benefit to the aging population.Not only will early treatment help slow down the illness, but a lot can be learned about prevention.The elderly is a large group of people who have a lot to offer. I am very pleased to hear about any kind of research being done in this needed area.

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