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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Financial Implications of the Green House Model

Published in Seniors Housing and Care Journal, 2011, V. 19(1), this article by Robert Jenkens, MSRED; Terri Sult, MBA; Newell Lessell, MBA; David Hammer, MS; Anna Ortigara, RN, MS, FAAN examines the initial and long-term financial viability of THE GREEN HOUSE® model. Developed by Dr. William Thomas and rooted in the tradition of the Eden Alternative, The GREEN HOUSE®model is intended to de-institutionalize long-term care by eliminating large nursing facilities and creating habilitative, social settings. Existing research establishes that the GREEN HOUSE® model nursing home care provides significant and sustained satisfaction and clinical improvements when compared to traditional nursing homes. Recent research on the financial implications of the Model, although inconclusive, have pointed to some mutually reinforcing findings to recommend the model as a strong option for organizations to explore as they seek to address current and future challenges in their nursing home operations and markets.

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