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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to use Water Safely in Long-Term Care Facilities During a Boil Water Advisory

This resource from Alberta health Services explains what a boil water advisory is, why a boil water advisory is put into effect and what precautions can be taken by facilities and individuals in long-term care when a boil water advisory is in effect.

There can be many questions during a boil water advisory about personal hygiene (can I brush my teeth without boiling water?), food consumption and handling (can I still wash dishes with water that is not boiled?) are just a few that are addressed in this information sheet. Also, this resource describes steps that can be taken after a boil water advisory is lifted to ensure water safety.

The resource can be accessed here:


Chris Gifford said...
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Cassandra Bitsko said...

The health of long term care residents should be the priority of our caregivers because they are sensitive and vulnerable to getting sick easily. Water is the most common source of sickness as it is a great place where pathogenic microorganism can live and multiply. Therefore, residents should have clean water all the time even in just brushing their teeth.
Therefore we must advocate water safety all the time.

Cassandra B.