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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

An Opportunity Knocks? Turning Visitors into Volunteers

The report, An Opportunity Knocks? Turning Visitors into Volunteers from NAPA Living Life and AgeUK details the successful ‘Come to Tea’ program initiated by 21 care homes throughout the UK. The program asked volunteers, long-term care staff and facility managers to participate over the course of two days to develop this program. The first day was a collaborative workshop which helped to organize the small scale tea parties or similar gatherings that engaged hard-to-reach residents and the second day was the actual event. The project aimed to increase residents physical activity, improve their nutrition and hydration  and increase mental well-being. 
This report further details some of the successful outcomes from this project, including increasing the number of volunteers to the care homes. For more information on this initiative and to download a copy of the report, please visit

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