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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

BP Blogger: Myth Busting Stroke 5 Perception Issue

The latest issue of the BP Blogger has been released and this issue focuses on the myths associated with stroke.  BP Blogger is a myth busting newsletter that provides evidence-based information on various care issues to the long-term care sector. It was created by Mary-Lou van der Horst, Seniors Health Project Consultant with the Schlegel Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation in LTC, in collaboration with Regional Geriatric Program Central, Seniors Health Knowledge Network, and RIA.  This two-page newsletter delivers quick, evidence-based information to front-line workers in long-term care. 
The 3 myths discussed in this BP are:
Myth 1:  The impact of stroke is always obvious
Myth 2: Perception problems are not serious
Myth 3: Faster if we do it for residents
It also includes links to best practice guidelines and other important resources.  To download your free copy, please visit

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