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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Meeting needs and reducing distress

The Meeting Needs and Reducing Distress Website was created in partnership with the NHS, with the aim of ensuring that health care professionals can safely prevent and manage responsive behaviours in health care settings, including long-term care facilities.  This website hosts comprehensive information for staff, students and managers in long-term care and hospitals.  It is the result of an ongoing project managed by NHS and members of an Expert Group, and includes the resources, strategies and good practice gathered and/or created by these leaders in the field.  The website hosts a variety of resources including:
·         Best Practice Guidelines for staff, managers, security personnel and residents/caregivers, including information on managing risk, organizational responsibilities and using physical interventions.
·         Case Studies that are taken from real-life events and demonstrate the application of practical solutions, including one on dementia
·         Training Videos for health care staff on managing risks and care strategies
The website emphasizes good communication skills and the importance of compassionate care, staff training and creating a supportive care environment.  For more information and to explore the website, please visit
For the latest resources on behaviours in long-term term, don’t forget to check out our Current Perspectives on the topic.

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