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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Dementia Centre YouTube Channel

Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) or The Dementia Centre, is a well-known UK research centre specializing in environmental design for long-term care residents with dementia.  We’ve highlighted their other work, the Virtual Hospital and Virtual Long-Term Care in the past.  They’ve recently created a YouTube channel that includes interviews with DSDC environmental design and dementia experts.  The videos discuss different design rules to keep in mind when creating an environment for people with dementia in facilities, such appropriate colours, furniture, hardware and layout. 
The videos available include:
·         Dementia-friendly design – what can go wrong (This video looks at mistakes and how to avoid them, when designing for people with dementia)
·         Helping people with dementia live as well as possible
Shorter videos dedicated to specific design elements cover topics including:
·         Lighting
·         Signage
·         Furniture
·         Flooring
·         Bathrooms and Toilets
·         Acoustics
For more information and to watch the videos, please visit  For more long-term care design information, don’t forget to look at the J.W. Crane Library’s Current Perspective on Environmental Design in LTC.  

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