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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Learning for care homes from alternative residential care settings

The Learning for care homes from alternative residential care settings report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation explores how long-term care facilities for older adults can learn from the supportive housing services available for individuals with learning disabilities and individuals in hospice care.  The paper examines how long-term care facilities can improve the organizational culture and build strong relationships with residents based on the examples set by other housing alternatives.  The authors surveyed recent literature on the topic to ensure their recommendations are evidence-based. 
Some recommendations from the report include:
·         Working with families, individuals and communities can improve the care experience.  For example, working with residents in planning their care can ensure personalization
·         Choice and control are an important part of the services available to adults living with learning disabilities. 
·         Relationship-based care can be applied to long-term care homes to create a positive organizational culture.
·         Strong leadership, robust recruitment practices, information sharing and listening to residents can mitigate against abuse in a care home
·         Advanced care planning by residents will improve overall satisfaction with care received and increase their sense of control
·         Recruitment of care home staff should be focused on values and the ability to build relationships
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