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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

POGOe: New Teaching Tools Available

POGOe (the Portal of Online Geriatric Education) has been a long-time favourite resource of the Crane Library.  It is a free, comprehensive and public repository of expert-contributed geriatric educational materials.  Every resource posted on the site has been peer-reviewed and promotes evidence-based medicine.  Free user registration is required to access materials.  They’ve recently re-designed their website and added a few new teaching tools important to mention.
Geriatrics Education for Specialty Residents (GSR): With the help of the John A. Hartford Foundation and the American Geriatrics Society, the GSR comprises of 8 toolkits with materials that address unique aspects of gerontology.  They include lectures, self-learning modules and patient assessments intended to help geriatric residents.  Topics currently available include: Anesthesiology, General Surgery, Ophthalmology; and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 
POGOe Video Library: The video portal is a collection of videos, pulled from POGOe educational materials and are freely available to stream to POGOe users. The library is made up of videos and PowerPoint presentations, and is available to search.

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