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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Culture Change in Long-Term Care

Culture change in the Long-Term Care can be difficult for an organization, it requires evaluation of what is not working and a collaborative spirit to transform services and programs to best support residents. 
 The Culture Change Living Toolkit, created by Partnerships in Dementia Care, part of the University of Waterloo’s MAREP program, is intended for organizations undergoing a culture change process, particularly organizations providing healthcare for persons with dementia.  The toolkit includes a narrative description of the culture change process, as well as exercises and activities that have been designed to help groups move through the culture change process.  The creation of this toolkit is ongoing, and updated regularly.  The Toolkit can be accessed at
PC Pearls: 7 Key Elements of Person-Centered Care from the Alzheimer Society supports the growing trend in long-term care in supporting a relationship-based approach to providing care to residents.  These 7 key elements highlight what is important when sustaining a culture change in long-term care.  Each element is explained in detail and includes a case study to support its objectives.  PC Pearls: 7 Key Elements of Person-Centered Care can be accessed at

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