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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Virtual Hospital

The Virtual Hospital, created by the Dementia Services Development Centre highlights good design strategies in making an acute healthcare setting dementia-friendly.  Similar to the Virtual Care Home, which was highlighted on the Info-LTC blog last May, these virtual spaces help to illustrate how small changes to a space can make a big impact in designing a home away from home for people with dementia.   
The Virtual Hospital shows the layout of 15 different spaces located in a hospital (or in a long-term care home), including the entrance, the cafĂ©, the elevator, the garden, corridors, bedrooms and bathrooms.  Each model incorporates information on the design details that make this space dementia-friendly.  It also includes advice on how to adapt and update a space to make it dementia-friendly.   
To see the latest publications on design and patient-friendly environments, don’t forget to visit our Current Perspectives in Environmental Design in Long-Term Care at

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