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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Best practices for Nutrition, Food Service and Dining in Long-Term Care Homes

Nutritional care for long-term care residents is more than delivering food and hydration, but also ensuring a pleasurable dining experience for best quality of care.  So says the Best practices for nutrition, food service and dining in Long-Term Care, a working paper written by Registered Dietitians of the Dietitians of Canada’s Ontario Long-Term Care Action group.  The guideline supports a person-centered care model and is intended for planning, delivering and monitoring the nutrition and dining practices of long-term care residents. 
Topics covered in this best practice guide include:
·         Menu planning
·         Food production
·         Nutrition & Hydration Care
·         Meal Service
For more information and to access this document, please visit,-Food-Service-an.aspx

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