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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Complementary Health Approaches for Seniors

NIH Senior Health has updated the topic Complementary Health Approaches on their website to include Complementary Health: health practices and products that originated outside mainstream medicine such as acupuncture, yoga and naturopathy.  This website acts as a guide to complementary medicine for seniors.  It includes descriptive examples of complementary medicine and provides evidence-based recommendations and risks of complementary medicine for the use of certain ailments such as cognitive decline, arthritis and others.
The site also includes a section on where seniors can go to find reliable information on complementary medicine online.

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Allison Musante said...

There is certainly a growing trend among older adults who desire nonpharmacological ways of managing their pain because of adverse effects of medications. In a recent article in Clinical Geriatrics, authors Hashefi and Katz identified which complementary and alternative interventions for managing chronic musculoskeletal pain are supported by evidence from randomized controlled trials. We highly recommend this article to all geriatricians who may be asked by patients or their caregivers about starting some of these alternative therapies, such as acupuncture and yoga, so that they can properly advise them on the potential risks and benefits. Read the article here: