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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Stronger Collective Voice for People with Dementia

This report, from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, documents the activities of the Dementia Engagement & Empowerment Project (DEEP) aimed to explore, support, promote and celebrate groups and projects led by or actively involving people with dementia across the UK that were influencing services and policies affecting the lives of people with dementia. DEEP was a one-year project which finished in 2012. The project had several objectives, including:
  • A mapping survey involving a literature review, questionnaire and follow up interviews to collect as much information about all the groups and projects across the UK led by or actively involving people with dementia influencing services and policies.
  •  A national event to bring groups of people with dementia together to discuss the findings of the survey and the possibility of a national network.
  • A published report and film that would capture the activities, learning and information gathered by the survey and the event.
  • An extended reference group network of people with dementia to ensure that the key components of DEEP were relevant, meaningful and as far as possible, shaped by people with dementia.

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