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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pills and Spills (Medication and Falls)

Pills and Spills (Medication and Falls) is a series of videos made available by The Scan Foundation on recognizing the risk of falls due to medication use in older adults.  There are six sessions, each with two videos approximately 15-minutes long.  The videos include lectures, group discussion questions and real-life examples, meant to provide an interactive learning platform for health care aides and other long-term care professionals. 
The six sessions include the following topics: (1) Stop falls: addressing fall risk factors, (2) Aging, health and falls, (3) Medical conditions that contribute to falls, (4) Recognizing the link between medication and falls, (5) Personalizing fall prevention: the environment, (6) The 4P’s: pain, positioning, potty, possessions.  They are produced by the University of Southern California Davis School of Gerontology and the USC School of Pharmacy
Pills and Spills is part of the Direct Care Workforce Curricula continuing education program for long-term care professionals.  To see the other topics available on the Direct Care Workforce Curricula, please visit:
To view the Pills and Spills videos, please visit:

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