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Monday, December 19, 2011

Supporting People with Intellectual Disabilities Who Challenge or are Ageing: A Rapid Review of the Evidence

A significant care need for service commissioners and providers of services for people with intellectual disabilities (ID) is presented by people with behaviours that challenge and/or have mental health problems, and ageing people with an ID. In addition family caregivers of both these populations can face many obstacles in their caring roles if adequate supports are not in place to help them.

This rapid review was undertaken using a framework adapted from the NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD, 2009) and the Rapid Review Methodology (NHS, Wales 2006).

The aims of the review are as follows.
  • Aims and review questions – behaviours that challenge
  • In relation to people who challenge the aim was to search for, evaluate and prioritise studies or other robust literature that have focussed on the following main review question.
  • What services and support do people with ID who display behaviours that challenge and their caregivers require to meet their needs?

Citation: Slevin, E. Taggart, L. McConkey, R. Cousins, W. Truesdale-Kennedy, M. Dowling, L. (2011) A rapid review of literature relating to support for people with intellectual disabilities and their family carers when the person has: behaviours that challenge and/or mental health problems; or they are advancing in age, Belfast, Northern Ireland: University of Ulster.

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