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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Life Story Work helps people with dementia review past events and build a personal biography

Due to problems with memory loss and communication, people with dementia often need help communicating important aspects of their identity – such as background, interests, and who and what is important to them.
Life Story work is an activity in which people with dementia gather together and review events in their past and build a personal biography with the help of staff and family members. This activity is beneficial as it can help the person with dementia better understand past experiences and see how they have coped with events in their life.
Some other benefits of Life Story work include:
  • It can help people with dementia share their stories and enhance their sense of identity
  • It can encourage better communication and an understanding of the person's needs and wishes (person-centred care)
  • It can help the person develop closer relationships with family carers and staff

For more information and to view a template from Dementia UK, click on the following link: 
Thomson, R. (2011). Using life story work to enhance care. Nursing Older People 23(8): 16-21. 

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