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Wednesday, October 01, 2014


According to an international study, approximately 10% of all incoming hospital patients suffer some form of adverse event that may cause a longer hospital stay and in some cases, death.  The FRAILSafe Project has identified the most common and highest impact issues that can result in harm to frail older patients in the first few days of arrival in acute care.  These harms include: Confusion; Equipment Related; Reduced Mobility; Falls; Pressure Ulcers; Poor Advanced Care Planning and Adverse Drug Medication. 
Based on these harms, FRAILSafe has created a safety checklist that improves communication and team working, and intends to provide a ‘check and challenge’ list triggering an interaction between the senior physician and another member of staff.  The draft of the safety checklist is available on the website, in addition to information on its implementation and examples of other case studies.
To access the safety checklist and for more information on FRAILSafe, please visit

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