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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Husband, Partner, Dad, Son, Carer?

Caregiving is a universal practice experienced by both men and women, however, statistics show that women seek out social support  for caregiving more often than men.  The Carers Trust and Men’s Health Forum recently carried out a survey of over 600 male caregivers to examine their experiences as a caregiver, the impact it has on their lives and to determine how social services can better support them.  The findings of the survey can be found in the report, Husband, Partner, Dad, Son, Carer?
Here are some highlights from the report:
·         Over half the male carers (53%) felt the needs of male caregivers were different to the needs of female caregivers
·         Taking on domestic tasks previously carried out by a female family member can be difficult for men
·         47.9% felt being a carer had a negative impact on their mental health
·         7 out of 10 carers said they miss out on spending time socially with other friends and family members
·         In terms of social support, male carers want to be able to access: Breaks or time away from caring; financial and benefits advice; discreet and interpersonal support for managing personal or unfamiliar tasks
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