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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Sexualities and Dementia: Education Resource for Health Professionals

Sexualities and Dementia is an e-learning resource intended for healthcare professionals who support caregivers and individuals with dementia living in long-term care.  The resource, written by Dr. Cindy Jones and produced by the Dementia Training and Studies Centres (DTSC), is organized into four modules which cover a variety of aspects related to sexuality and dementia.  It can be used as a guide for educators, or as a framework to develop guidelines and policy to properly support sexual expression in long-term care facilities. 
The four modules include:
·         Intimacy, Sexuality and Sexual Behaviour (Defining, expressions and barriers to intimacy, sexuality and sexual behaviour)
·         Dementia and Expressions of Sexuality (In care settings; Caregivers’ role and responsibility)
·         Ethical considerations: Policy/Guidelines Development for Sexualities and Dementia in Care Settings
·         Developing Sexualities and Dementia Policy Guidelines for Care Practice

Each module includes in-depth information on the topic, examples taken from practice, points for consideration and discussion, links to relevant online resources and activities for staff.  For more information, and to access the resource, please visit  

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