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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Drug Use among Seniors on Public Drug Programs in Canada, 2012

The Canadian Institute for Healthcare Information (CIHI) recently released a report on drug use among seniors on Public Drug Programs in Canada. This report looks at compiled data from the National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System from 2012 to determine the types of drugs seniors are taking and the amount of money being spent annually on drugs.  
Some key points from the report:
  • Nearly two-thirds (65.9%) of seniors had claims for 5 or more drug classes, and more than one-quarter (27.2%) of seniors had claims for 10 or more drug classes
  • In 2012, almost half of seniors (46.6%) used drug class statins, which are commonly used to treat high cholesterol.  Six of the ten drug classes most commonly used by seniors were cardiovascular-related
  • 60.9% of seniors living in long-term care facilities were using 10 or more different drug classes, which is more than double the proportion among seniors living in the community (26.1%)
  • Two of the three most commonly used drug classes among seniors in long-term care facilities were classes of antidepressants
  • The most common drug class used by seniors in a long-term care facility was PPIs

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