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Monday, January 20, 2014

The SCAN Foundation and PBS Newshour Series on Long-Term Care in America

The SCAN Foundation and PBS Newshour have joined forces to create short documentaries and visual stories about aging and long-term care in the United States.

So far, the series includes:

Episode 1: Coping with Alzheimer's: A mother & daughter portrait of long-term care

Episode 2: There's no place like home: Seniors hold on to urban independence

Episode 3: Age friendly New York City helps seniors stay active

Episode 4: Increasing demand moves long-term care centers to cater to Latino elders

Episode 5: Closing the digital divide by helping seniors get online

To watch the stories and stay updated on the series, please visit

1 comment:

Imani Williams said...

Looks like a great series and definitely something to watch out for. We need to create more awareness about long-term care since the demand for this healthcare service will undeniably increase in the next years. Special focus should be placed on planning financially for long-term care because Medicaid's funds are dwindling and not all facilities have beds for Medicaid patients. So if we can avoid relying on Medicaid, by all means, we should! I suggest these readings: