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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CHAMP Toolkits

CHAMP (or the Collaboration for Homecare Advances in Management and Practice) is the first American program developed to advance homecare excellence for older adults.  The program is intended to provide educational resources, tools and/or expert advice based on the latest evidence-based practice in geriatric care. 
There are three comprehensive toolkits available on the website: Geriatric Falls Prevention Toolkit, Geriatric Medication Management Toolkit and Geriatric Care Transitions Toolkit.  The toolkits are intended for  homecare workers, patients/caregivers and paraprofessionals and include information on screening, communication, interventions and the most recent practice guidelines.
The website also hosts a variety of other toolkits and tools that are related to other popular geriatric topics.  The tools page allows you to search the CHAMP library for evidence-based practice tools, whereas the evidence base page allows you to browse organized by popular topics.
For more information on CHAMP visit the website at

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