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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gardens for People with Dementia Guide

Now that it’s starting to feel like summer, this week’s web pick feels extra appropriate.  Gardens for People with Dementia is a guideline written by Kim Grove and is meant to help novice and expert gardeners design a garden for people with dementia.  These helpful tips are written for any type of garden, whether for a private yard or for a nursing home. 
Kim Grove, a garden designer and blogger, covers topics such as: how to structure the garden; safety considerations; creating the right path; which colours to use; safe plants and creating appropriate lighting.  Her blog expands on some of the topics she touches on in the guideline and may be worth a look.

For more information and download a copy of the guide, please click here

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Allison Musante said...

Thanks so much for highlighting this report, Laurie and Caroline. In Annals of Long-Term Care, we briefly discussed the role of gardening for patients with dementia. Here are the articles:

Improving Physical Environments for Dementia Care: Making Minimal Changes for Maximum Effect

Available at:

Engaging Nursing Home Residents in Meaningful Activities

Available at: