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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The High Cost of Low Vision

The report, The High Cost of Low Vision, comes from the International Federation of Aging (IFA).  According to the IFA, "Vision loss − 80 percent of which is preventable − is currently the leading cause of age-related disability."  Vision loss can have drastic personal, social and economic consequences to those affected and often increases the risk of depression.  The purpose of this report is to discuss the importance of saving vision in older adults, and to demonstrate the economic repercussions of ignoring the problem.  The High Cost of Low Vision also includes recommended priority actions for policy makers.

To download the PDF, please click here:


Allison Musante said...

Thank you, Ms. Blanchard, for taking the time to highlight this important new report. As noted in a recent column by Clinical Geriatrics editor-in-chief, Steven Gambert, MD, the importance of preventive care cannot be undervalued. Frequent screenings can help to prevent impairment to eye health. Check out the column here:,0.

Geoff Martin said...

A study to estimate prevalence of nonrefractive visual impairment and to describe its relationship with demographic and systemic risk factors including diagnosed diabetes: