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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


ePrognosis is a repository of clinical prognostic indicators to help clinicians keep track of evidence-based tools that can be used when trying to estimate a patient’s prognosis.   There are 17 different prognostic indicators listed on the website, each with a link within the site to use immediately.   

The indicators are designed for older adults who are not terminally ill, and are living in the community, in a nursing home or hospitalized.  To create their list, ePrognosis conducted a systematic review of the literature that was published in JAMA in January 2011.  They have also organized the tools by using a sorting algorithm.  Each tool is measured by its accuracy, generalizability, bias, usability and clinical efficacy.  They have included a tutorial on their website a more comprehensive explanation on how to use the tools.

The information on ePrognosis is intended as a rough guide to educate and inform clinicians about possible mortality outcomes. It is not intended to be the only basis for making care decisions, nor is it intended to be a definitive means of prognostication. Clinicians should keep in mind that every patient is an individual, and that many factors beyond those used in these indices may influence a patient's prognosis.

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