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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Aging is a Contact Sport: Hip Protectors

Created through a partnership between Fraser Health Authority, Vancouver Island Health Authority and BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit, Aging is a Contact Sport: Hip Protectors is a web resource outlining the benefits of hip protectors and how they can be incorporated into long-term care. 

A hip protector is a specialized form of pants or underwear containing pads (either hard or soft) along the outside of each hip/leg, designed to prevent hip fractures following a fall. They are most commonly used in elderly individuals who have a high risk of falls and hip fractures.

The web post includes a brief video explaining what hip protectors are and the benefits for patients wearing them.  There are also links to articles on the topic and guidelines for choosing a Hip Protector.

For more information on falls in long-term care, please consult the Falls in Long-Term Care Current Perspective created by the J.W. Crane Memorial Library.  It includes the most current articles, books, videos, practice guidelines and web resources on the topic.

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