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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Preventing Unnecessary Hospitalizations for Nursing Home Residents

Preventing unnecessary hospitalizations for nursing home residents is a podcast discussing a   new program which has reduced the number of hospitalizations among nursing home residents, sparing them unnecessary risk and saving significant amounts of money. The Commonwealth Fund–supported INTERACT program, helps nursing home staff identify problems early.


Kristyn Turner said...
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Kristyn Turner said...

We would greatly encourage readers to check out this new podcast, as the issue of unnecessary hospitalizations is extremely important in long-term care. There is a largeeconomic burden associated with unnecessary hospitalizations, in addition to the tremendous risk of adverse outcomes in elderly patients. Gregg Warshaw, MD, editor of Annals of Long-Term Care, recently published a commentary on this issue [] We also published an in-depth report of the INTERACT tool, which Laurie mentions, which can be found here []