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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Home Life: Promoting Qualithy of Life in Care Homes

This report summarizes the lessons learned from the My Home Life Programme examining ‘what works’ in the promotion of ‘voice, choice and control’ for older people who live in care homes.

Older people have identified the importance of having control over how they lead their lives and the care that they receive. This is also echoed in government policy across all four nations of the UK.

However, there remains a lack of real understanding of what this looks like in care homes and how to make it happen.

Through working in partnership with care homes across the UK, the report:

• offers examples of good practice in supporting ‘voice, choice and control’ for older people;
• highlights the vital role of leadership in helping to creating a culture that enables older people to experience ‘voice, choice and control’; and
• describes some of the obstacles to supporting voice, choice and control and how stronger partnership-working between care homes, the community and the wider health and social care system can make a difference.

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