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Friday, June 29, 2012

Caregiver Toolkit

The Caregiver Toolkit is funded by the Government of Canada, allocated to Dr. Penny MacCourt and the BC Psychogeriatric Association (

The Caregiver Toolkit was informed both through existing research and through consultation with 300 caregivers, service providers, caregiver advocates, program managers and policy analysts from across Canada.

Measures were taken to include caregivers from diverse backgrounds and caregivers who are marginalized, in both rural and urban areas.

The Caregiver Toolkit contains two resources: the Service Providers’ Re-source Guide (SPRG) & The Caregiver Policy Lens (CGPL). Both of these resources are user- friendly and designed to raise awareness, and provide information about, issues faced by caregivers of older adults.

The Service Providers’ Resource Guide provides evidence-informed information and tools about caregiver assessment and interventions, and resources and suggestions to address issues in case management.

The Caregiver Policy Lens is an evidence-informed principle-based framework for reviewing and developing policies, programs and practices that affect caregivers, from the perspective of caregivers and in order to avoid any unintended negative effects on caregivers. It can be used at any stage of development, implementation or evaluation.

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