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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Seniors in need, caregivers in distress

On April 16th, the Health Council of Canada released the report, Seniors in need, caregivers in distress: What are the home care priorities for seniors in Canada?  

The use of home care services has notably increased in the last decade. This report takes a deeper look at the seniors who are receiving home care, the family caregivers who are lending support, and the overall challenges of home care in Canada.

Along with our analyses of home care data, the report features caregiver stories that take a poignant look at the struggles seniors and their caregivers face, as their health care needs increase.

Also profiled are Canadian innovative practices, as well as some international examples of how home care can be integrated within the wider health care system.

For more information about the report, and associated activities, including nation wide blogging, and webinar, see:


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