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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Silver Book Series: Vision Loss Volume II

On March 12, 2012, the Alliance for Aging Research released the 7th volume of The Silver Book series, released in partnership with the Alliance for Eye and Vision Research (AEVR). This is the second vision loss volume and includes updated data on age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma and highlights the changes and discoveries in vision research and treatment from the past five years.

The Silver Book® is an almanac of more than 1,000 facts, statistics, graphs, and data from more than 200 agencies, organizations, and experts. It is a searchable database that is constantly updated and expanded in order to highlight the latest research and data on the burden of chronic disease and the value of investing in medical research.

The Silver Book® database is searchable by specific terms or by sections, which are outlined in the toolbar on the left. The database is also interactive, allowing users to submit data from additional studies and reports. All submissions are reviewed by an editorial board for accuracy and relevancy.

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