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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crane Library Web Pick of the Week: Perspectives on Ageing

This week’s Web Pick(s) features two new reports from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, an endowed foundation which funds UK wide research and development on social justice.

The three featured papers are from the Perspectives on Ageing series, designed to capture the views and experiences of those ageing with unique issues, including people with learning disabilities, people and families with dementia, and gay, lesbian and bisexual people.

Ageing with a Learning Disability

  • Coming to later life with their own unique life experiences and hopes and fears for the future.
  • The work of the Growing Older with a Learning Disability (GOLD) group and older families from the Sharing Caring Project.
  • Valuing the opportunity to speak for themselves, having someone spend time with them and listen to what they had to say. This is especially difficult if people have communication difficulties.
  • the fact that independence has brought new risks - people with learning disabilities are often exposed to bullying and hate crime.

Ageing with Dementia

Contributors talk about:
  • The challenges and opportunities for those living with dementia, and the ways in which the SDWG has worked to increase awareness.
  • Why people living with dementia are proud to be part of a group that campaigns to improve the lives of people with dementia.
  • The fact that the SDWG has achieved significant policy changes while also providing support, friendship and a sense of camaraderie.
  • Recruiting and supporting members, particularly when they become less able to participate. One member still participates despite living in residential care.
Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals

Contributors talk about:
  • The sense of community with other gay and lesbian people. It is highly valued and some still describe this connection as being among 'family'.
  • The huge impact prejudice and the HIV and the AIDS epidemic has had. Gay men in particular experience stigma related to ignorance and fear.
  • The fact that it can be difficult for gay or bisexual people who have been married or had children to feel relaxed and open in gay groups.
  • The question of being open or 'out' in later life. Should people tell care services?
Other publications from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, can be accessed at the following link:

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