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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Complaints in for-profit, non-profit and public nursing homes in two Canadian provinces

"Background: Nursing homes provide long-term housing, support and nursing care to frail elders who are no longer able to function independently. Although studies conducted in the United States have demonstrated an association between for-profit ownership and inferior quality, relatively few Canadian studies have made performance comparisons with reference to type of ownership. Complaints are one proxy measure of performance in the nursing home setting.  The goal  of the study is to determine whether there is an association between facility ownership and the frequency of nursing home complaints.

Methods: Publicly available data on complaints, regulatory measures, facility ownership and size for 604 facilities in Ontario over 1 year (2007/08) and 62 facilities in British Columbia (Fraser Health region) over 4 years (2004–2008) was analyzed. All analyses were carried out at the facility level.

Interpretation: Compared with for-profit chain facilities, non-profit, charitable and public facilities had significantly lower rates of complaints in Ontario. Likewise, in British Columbia’s Fraser Health region, non-profit owned facilities had significantly lower rates of complaints compared with for-profit owned facilities."

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1 comment:

Seth said...

I have read lots of horror stories of elder abuse and neglect in nursing homes before. The government and its necessary agency should address these complaints and incidents against greedy and incompetent nursing facilities.

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