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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Older People in Care Homes: Sex, sexuality and intimate relationships

Published in August, 2011 from the Royal College of Nursing (UK), this guidance has been developed to help nurses and care staff work effectively with issues of sexuality, intimate relationships and sex, particularly for older people living in care homes.

Its goal is to facilitate learning, support best practice, and serve as a resource to help nurses and care staff address the needs of older service users in a professional, sensitive, legal and practical way.

Alongside raising awareness of issues which can impact on the sexuality, intimate relationships and sexual
activity of older care home residents, the document contains:
  •  legal and professional frameworks within which nursing and caring practice takes place
  • considerations for policies that address sexuality and sexual health needs in care homes
  • guidance on principles of good practice, including care environments, organisational systems and care
  • practices
  • ideas on how to identify barriers to expression of sexuality and work towards removing these in
  • practice
  • suggestions on how to broach issues concerning sexuality, intimate relationships and sex
  • guidance on dealing with situations where sexuality is seen as a problem
  • suggestions on how staff can develop their own confidence and competence in dealing with
  • sexuality issuescase examples,which can be used to highlight issues for discussion.

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