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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

THE GREEN HOUSE® Project Consumer Toolkit: Bringing the Green House Model to Your Community

The Green House Model is a de-institutionalization effort that lets people who need help with daily living skills live in a home in the community. Green House combines small homes with the full range of personal care and medical services expected in high-quality nursing homes. Green House creates an intentional community to support the most positive elderhood and work life possible.

This new toolkit introduces the Green House Model, provides a FAQ, and suggestions for getting started in exploring this model in your community.


Kbilly said...

Thanks for sharing the Green House Project consumer toolkit. I blog with Dr. Bill Thomas, founder of the Green House Project, at This blog is an impressive clearing house of LTC info. Great job.

Kavan said...

Wow-- thanks so much for amplifying this message!

-Rachel, Green House Project