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Monday, March 03, 2008

Aging Research Translator (ART): Non-Technical Summaries of Aging Research Published in Peer-Reviewed Academic Journals

The ART website has been designed with community-based practitioners in mind. Community-based practitioners are the largest group of potential users of aging-related research, and the people most likely to apply the aging knowledge-base to the lives of real people. However, the location of research in university libraries and databases makes it difficult to access. Furthermore, the overly technical language of research articles can be an impediment.

The ART website, developed by Cornell University researchers, attempts to address these challenges by posting summaries of aging research literature using non-technical language.
ART is a blog (short for web log). New aging research summaries are posted every other week. Posts are organized chronologically and can also be organized categorically. Readers are invited to write comments after each post (all comments need to be approved by the blog administrator before being listed). In addition, readers can sign-up on the Contact/Subscribe page to receive a bi-weekly email notice of our newest research summaries.


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